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I've used MNI manufacturers directories for the past several years and have found this product to be far superior to any similar products currently available. The information in MNI manufacturers directories is more up-to-date and far more comprehensive.
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Reach manufacturing executives by email with Exec Inbox, our powerful e-blast service that gets your message directly in front of the decision makers that matter. With Exec Inbox you provide the criteria for the types of executives you wish to reach, along with the content of the email you would like to send, and we handle the rest. Your email will be sent on the day and time of your choosing, and a report will be provided to track your results.
Contact us for counts and pricing.
How many executives are available with an email address?
We have more than a quarter million manufacturing decision makers with email in the disciplines of Accounting, Administration, Advertising & Marketing, Chief Executive, Customer Service, Engineering, Finance, Human Resources (HR), Import/Export, Information Technology (IT), Management, Operations, Plant Management, Production, Public Relations (PR), Publishing, Purchasing, Quality Control (QC), Research & Development (R&D), Sales, and Shipping & Warehouse.
What fields are available to select upon?
Virtually any field in our database can be used as selection criteria. In addition to the executive functions listed above, you can also select on state, ZIP code, SIC code, and gender, to name a few. Just tell us who you want to reach.
Are these email addresses opt in?
Yes. Every executive email address we add to our database goes through an initial permission pass to ensure the recipient is interested in receiving 3rd party emails through MNI. The executive has the option to opt out of being a part of the database. Additionally, every email that gets sent through Exec Inbox includes a permanent opt out link.
Are these email addresses guaranteed deliverable?
While nobody can guarantee 100% deliverability for reasons such as executive turnover, potential problems with the recipient's mail server, or the possibility of spam filters, we do test every new email address for deliverability and monitor bounce backs on an ongoing basis. Bad email addresses are immediately removed. As a result, most emails will achieve a deliverability rate of 90% or greater. But just to be safe, we build a 10% undeliverable rate into our prices so you will never pay for an undeliverable email.
Do I get a copy of the email addresses?
No, Exec Inbox is an e-blast service. You provide the email content, and we handle the rest. Your email will be sent through our advanced mail servers, ensuring the highest rate of deliverability while automatically processing opt out requests and bounce backs. Further, our servers will track how many of your emails are delivered, opened, and how many times each link inside the body of your email is clicked. This advanced reporting will allow you to fully track results and measure success.
Can these email addresses be purchased for my own unlimited use?
No. As you can imagine, high level decision makers are very protective of their personal email addresses. We've made a commitment to these executives that we would never sell their email address, only make it available on a single use basis for carefully selected offers. Further, we made a commitment that every email we send will include a permanent unsubscribe link. Without these commitments, few executives would be willing to provide their email address and this service could not exist.
Is Exec Inbox CAN-SPAM compliant?
Yes. We've made a considerable effort to ensure Exec Inbox is in full compliance with all commercial email and privacy laws. Every executive we add to our database goes through an initial permission pass giving the recipient the opportunity to opt out of the database. Further, every email we send includes a permanent unsubscribe link to stop all future emails.
How is Exec Inbox different from EZ Select?
Our real time subscription service EZ Select only provides access to the company's main email address (e.g. info@ or sales@). These email addresses can be exported out of EZ Select® for your own use. EZ Select does not include personal executive email addresses. Exec Inbox is a pay-per-use e-blast service that targets these decision makers directly at their personal email address. For the reasons described above, personal email addresses cannot be sold.
How is Exec Inbox priced?
Exec Inbox is priced on a cost per executive basis, with a graduated discount for larger quantities. The cost includes a one-time send of your email to all the executives that match your criteria, as well as email transmission, tracking, and reporting. We factor a 10% undeliverable rate into our prices so you will never pay for an undeliverable email. There is also an additional fee to suppress against your own opt out list (optional, see next question). All e-blasts must be pre-paid and there are no refunds.
Can you suppress against my own opt out list?
Yes. If you already do any email marketing, you should have your own opt out list of recipients who requested not to receive any future mailings from your company. In order to ensure CAN-SPAM compliancy, it's important that we suppress against your opt out list. The cost for this is a $100 flat fee.
Can I choose the from name and subject line?
Yes. You have full control over the from name, the subject line, and the body of the email itself. The only element we'll add is our company name, address, and opt out link at the very bottom of your email in order to ensure CAN-SPAM compliance.
Can I promote anything I want?
We are respectful of decision makers listed in our database and know their time is very valuable. As such, we strive to bring them the most relevant offers that can help them personally and professionally. We carefully screen every offer and reserve the right to refuse any order that does not meet our high standards for quality. This is one of the reasons why our opt out rates are so low.
Can I test my campaign before sending it to all executives?
Yes. You can select a subset of matching records using an Nth-name selection. For example, if 20,000 executives match your criteria but you want to start with a test of only 5,000 emails, the Nth-name selection will randomly choose 5,000 records from the 20,000. When you are ready to send another e-blast, we can suppress against the original 5,000 records. Just keep in mind that pricing is more aggressive for larger record quantities, so you will end up paying a higher cost by breaking it up into smaller batches.
Will you guarantee results?
No, we can only guarantee that your email will be successfully delivered to at least 90% of the executives in your e-blast. Whether the recipients choose to open, read, or take action on your email is dependent upon factors beyond our control such as your from name, subject line, message content, and offer. Further, certain message content could cause your email to get caught in the recipient's spam folder. There are free tools available online that can help you reduce your probability that you land in the spam folder. We recommend using these tools before you provide your message content to us.
How do I get started?
Contact us for counts and pricing. When you're ready to move forward, you will work one on one with your account manager to set up, test, execute, and track your campaign. It's a very simple and straightforward process.
Other terms and restrictions may apply. Please contact us for details.
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