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South Carolina Adds Manufacturing Jobs For A Fourth Straight Year

Contact: Jennifer Ratcliff
Manufacturers' News, Inc.
1633 Central St.
Evanston, IL 60201
(847) 864-9440 ext. 241

EVANSTON, Ill, December 1st, 2015/Manufacturers' News, Inc./-- South Carolina added manufacturing jobs for a fourth straight year, but at a slower rate than in previous years, reports the 2016 South Carolina Manufacturers Register®, an industrial database and directory published by Manufacturers' News, Inc. (MNI) Evanston, IL. According to MNI’s database of manufacturers, South Carolina gained 1,465 industrial jobs from September 2014 to September 2015, or a half percent.

South Carolina is now home to 4,735 manufacturers employing 268,318 workers. MNI reports the state’s industrial employment levels rose 7% between September 2011 and September 2015, recovering 39% of the 43,184 jobs lost during the recession.

South Carolina has reinvented itself following the recession’s steep losses,” says Tom Dubin, President of the Evanston, IL-based publishing company, which has been surveying industry since 1912. “The state boasts some of the best incentive programs in the nation, as well as a favorable regulatory environment, access to capital, and competitive labor costs.”

MNI reports gains were led by the transportation equipment industry, which increased 3.8% over the year and has climbed steadily over the past several years, adding 7,900 jobs or 25% since September 2012. Transportation equipment now ranks as the state’s largest sector by number of jobs, employing 37,635.

The transportation equipment sector is expected to keep growing with Volvo’s plans to establish its first U.S. plant in Berkeley County, bringing an estimated 4,000 jobs to the state. In addition, Alkane Truck recently opened a factory in Summerville; Mercedes-Benz announced plans to open a new manufacturing facility in Charleston; Boeing suppliers AMT Senior Aerospace and GKN Aerospace opened new factories in the state; and aerospace/automotive supplier Precorp opened a new facility in Greer.

Other South Carolina industries adding jobs over the year included rubber/plastics, up 2.9%; electronics, up 2.3%; food products, up 2.2%; chemicals, up 1.9%; and lumber/wood, up 1.3%.

Industrial machinery, the state’s second largest sector by employment, posted a loss, down 3% to 33,920 jobs. Employment in second-ranked textiles/apparel also declined, down 2.8% to its current level of 26,677 workers.

Additional sectors reporting losses included printing/publishing, down 3.9%; furniture/fixtures, down 3.1%; and stone/clay/glass, down 1.6%.

Industrial locations announcing closures included a Bose headset assembly facility in Blythewood; Jacobs Applied Technology in Goose Creek; a Caterpillar factory in Fountain Inn; and a Milliken yarn plant in Greenville.

MNI’s regional analysis shows the Southeast region of the state accounted for the largest share of gains, with jobs up 1.5% to its current level of 34,077 workers. Industrial employment in the Northwest of the state rose a half percent to 169,708 workers. Employment was virtually unchanged in both the Northeast and Southwest regions, at 45,427 and 19,106 jobs, respectively.

Manufacturing employment in Greenville remained steady over the year at 23,927 jobs, ranking it the top city in South Carolina by number of industrial jobs. Second-ranked Spartanburg accounts for 14,729 of the state’s jobs, up 1.6%. Industrial jobs in North Charleston rose 5% to 12,372, but declined 2% in fourth-ranked Greer to 12,293 jobs. Fifth-ranked Anderson accounts for 9,508 manufacturing jobs, reports MNI, up 1.2% over the year.

Detailed profiles of all South Carolina manufacturers can be found in the 2016 South Carolina Manufacturers Register® available in print or online. Established in 1912, Manufacturers' News, Inc. is the nation’s oldest and largest publisher of industrial information. MNI offers a variety of tailored solutions to help customers connect with 430,000 manufacturers and suppliers, from print directories to online subscriptions. MNI’s industrial database subscription service EZ Select: allows users to tap into a live interactive database of manufacturers, while its industrial search engine IndustryNet connects buyers and suppliers and allows users to view profiles and obtain competitive quotes. MNI’s traditional print directories are published for each state and include in-depth profiles of every manufacturer in the U.S. For more information, contact Manufacturers' News, Inc. 847-864-7000.
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